Drivesure Data Breach

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Despite the fact that additional invest in training their staff and secureness steps to protect data from cybercriminals, attacks still happen. Such was the circumstance with a the latest attack that kept millions of personal details right from a company known as drivesure in hacking forums.

The Illinois-based car dealership service provider drivesure, which will specializes in employee training programs and consumer retention, endured a data breach that revealed the information of about 3. two million customers. According to a article on January 4 this coming year by the protection vendor Risk Based Protection, hackers dumped multiple directories of database files on a dark web discussion board. The data included names, house and mobile phone numbers, email addresses, messages among dealerships and clients, car or truck make and model and VIN number, service records and damage boasts. In addition , over 93, 1000 bcrypt hashed passwords were also released. Though bcrypt is mostly a strong security method as compared to older strategies like SHA1 and MD5, hackers are able to use scripts to brute-force the hashed security passwords.

The 3. two million info AI analytics details were printed on Raidforums by a great attacker using the handle “pompompurin. ” In addition to the customer database, online hackers released a 22GB file that secured the DriveSure MySQL directories. The dump exposed 91 sensitive databases, including PII, damage requirements, extended car facts and dealer and warranty data. As a result of the leak, a person with a DriveSure account should think about changing the password instantly.

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