AusWest Construction & Restoration offers extensive damage restoration services to get your home back to its original state in the event of fire, water, or storm damage.

Damage Restoration

Our homes are prone to different kinds of damage. From weathering and erosion that occurs naturally over a long period of time, to damage inflicted by large-scale disasters such as fires and floods.

Unfortunately we can’t protect our homes completely from these types of events – these types of unforeseen disasters can severely damage your home, building or property. This can be a devastating experience, but getting your home back to its original condition doesn’t need to be.

Auswest has the resources, experience, skill, and compassion to provide our clients with complete piece of mind. We are a full-service general contractor ready to look after all your restoration needs.

Types of Damage Restoration

No matter what type of damage needs to be fixed, it’s important to act as quickly as possible before the situation gets worse (and solutions become more expensive).

  • Weathering / Age Damage
    • Your home’s exterior will deteriorate over time – we can restore your weathered surfaces back to their previous glory.
  • Water Damage Restoration 
    • Water damage from floods or plumbing leaks not only, but can also cause mold (which affects your health). 
  • Fire Damage Restoration 
    • Not only do you have to deal with the initial damage that the fire causes, but smoke residue is also a big problem
    • If the fire was extinguished by your local fire services home, there can also be damage from their firefighting efforts

Why Use AusWest

  • We have years of experience in the construction and restoration industry
  • As a full-service contractor, we provide building professionals that can handle any job
  • We complete our projects on time and within budget
  • We have a firm dedication to quality, as well as safety
  • Transparency and communication is an important aspect of all our client relationships

Contact AusWest’s team of restoration professionals today to find out how they can help you.

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