Corporate Software Advantages

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A custom-designed software solution to the needs of your business can be a major competitive advantage. It allows you to maintain the control of processes, face business challenges effectively and stay flexible as your business grows. Additionally, it can aid you in avoiding costly and inefficient errors by removing redundant processes and removing the need to send passwords through unsecure methods (like email).

An enterprise application typically works across several departments instead of only one as with conventional software, enhancing collaboration, communication and efficiency. Furthermore, this type of software usually includes predictive analytics tools which allow decision makers to anticipate future market trends and take the necessary measures before they cause irreparable damage to the company.

Retail businesses, for instance can make use of data analytics to quickly spot patterns in sales and adjust price plans and marketing campaigns as well as inventory levels based upon real-time information. Investment managers can also predict market trends by using historical information to make informed decisions regarding the adjustments to portfolios and allocation of assets.

A value-added reseller may help to increase its profits by providing services that enhance customers’ buying experience. For example, offer prospective buyers with evaluation copies of software or demo floppy discs, or offer pre-sales consultation. Software companies can also establish bid tables for large orders with a price-sensitive nature. The combination of these and other services can boost sales for the value-added reseller and could increase the revenue of its customers too.

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